Magic #16 – The food blog that isn’t

So why not have a blog about my cooking adventures?

That’s just what I did. But the blog still has only two posts — though I already have more in the pipeline.


Since I started living on my own, I’d been cooking various stuff and sometimes bought the fancy ingredients and herbs I often see in fancy food blogs, magazines, TV shows, and other media. Sometimes I felt guilty — but only until I’d find particular feast days during the week; feast days are always celebrated with good food, I said.


I discovered that cooking is an art form. And it’s therapeutic. But best of all, satisfaction here is immediate — most of the time — if there’s any satisfaction at all.


But the blog is not some recipe blog. Instead it chronicles my successes and mistakes in the kitchen. And I plan to sprinkle posts with life lessons conceived in the act of cooking.

I hope you can drop by Daryl Learns to Cook.


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