Magic #14 – Roaming around UP-Diliman

This rainy season is the best time to roam around UP-Diliman. Below is a fail-proof itinerary to enjoy the campus like a true break from life’s bustle.


  • Walking shoes
  • Comfortable shirt and pants
  • Bottle of water
  • Umbrella
  • Friend/s (optional)

1. Start at Philcoa at 4pm. Walk the stretch of the University Avenue. The April sunflowers are already gone with the month, and instead you’ll find verdant weeds waving at you on both sides of the road. Appreciate them.

2. Make a ceremonial gaze at Oble. But don’t take a photo with him as the background; it’s so jologs and in case you enroll in the school, you’ll never graduate on time.

3. Turn right at the Acad Oval. Marvel at the green, green grass and trees. Get lost in nature’s embrace. But be careful not to inhale the jeepneys’ smoke.

4. Once you reach the Sunken Garden and see the acacia trees surrounding it, recite Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees.” Usually you’ll see teenagers play football or Ultimate frisbee — a chill sight. Of course, joggers accompany you around the Oval, so if you feel like giving your bloodstream some excitement, go with them.

Took this two weeks ago, on my way to class. I wanted to free time.

Took this two weeks ago on my way to class: Sunken Garden with weeds.

5. Turn towards Malcolm Hall and perhaps catch some breath and gulp some water on Melchor Hall’s steps, a short distance from Malcome Hall. Trivia: Melchor Hall and Palma Hall (aka AS) are supposed to be mirror images of each other.

6. Continue towards the Carillon. If it’s already 5pm, you’ll catch it pealing for the hour.

7. End in front of Oble. Standing beside him, stretch out your arms and say hasta la vista to the sun.

Tell me what you like best about doing a paseo around UPD. 🙂


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