Magic #11 – Dreaming to be someone’s Superman

A dramatic series of events led me to my new job. And I can honestly say I am nothing short of grateful.

To my previous standards, the choice is rather fancy. But now I realize that deep down (and I don’t want to sound madrama), it’s actually what I wanted all along; it’s something like the long-lost toy found by the cute little boy who owns it. Or at least, in this period of my life, it’s most appropriate.


I remember Pope Francis and his appeal to help the needy. I remember Steve Jobs and his appeal to the “crazies”. I remember my former boss and her enthusiasm to help her subordinates do their best. And I remember the cynics who warned against relatively low-income organizations.

Well, this is the Magic Zone indeed!


One thought on “Magic #11 – Dreaming to be someone’s Superman

  1. Good luck to you! šŸ™‚

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