Magic #9 – Burping after the Hunger Games, and wondering why my tongue is itchy

I tried reading the Hunger Games series to be cool with my younger friends. Yeah, pathetic attempt. But I got hooked. And now I have the appetite for young adult fiction again.

So the trilogy has this gruesome premise of a decadent country that puts children of slave “districts” to an arena where they fight to the death. And then there’s the love triangle involving the passionate protagonist, her best friend, and her longtime admirer.

Interesting. And the plot meanders through many twists — and the death of someone very important at the climax really caught me off guard. So, overall, I’m giving the books three out of five stars.

Hunger Games Trilogy

But can I say something? (As if I didn’t say anything yet!) Those suicidal thoughts which Katniss had towards the end were disturbing. I don’t recall Harry Potter having such a moment. And to think that these books are read by fans below 18!

But then, of course, isn’t that just the extreme of all the violence that had happened in the story? We’ve seen Katniss’ loved ones and enemies die terrible deaths. Why should we bother getting bothered by Katniss’ desire to kill herself? The reader should have become numb after all the Hunger Games…

I suppose the story is beautified largely by its romantic aspect — how the one who has obviously deserved Katniss’ love from early on got it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Magic #9 – Burping after the Hunger Games, and wondering why my tongue is itchy

  1. I read the Wiki for these books. Hahah. But I will try reading the books for real.

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