Magic #7 – The Newsroom Hysteria

I can go long and intense, ranting about the all-too-liberal lifestyle of some of the series’ characters to raving about its frequently near-Shakespearean comedy, but I just wanna say — for the sake of journalistic brevity — that I like The Newsroom.

It’s not Downton Abbey dramatic-magnetic, but the show’s (loud) wit and realism are all there at just about the right dose in the right manner (they could do with lessening some of the expletives, though).

And who can dislike Sloan?? NO ONE!!!

Oh, sorry, I can’t help it.

Of all its history-based fiction, though, I distinguished one inaccuracy I don’t think I can sleep without mentioning now — SPOILER ALERT! — Will was wrong about accusing Jesus of having said that one should “always pray in private.” Mr Sorkin, Jesus did say somewhere in the Bible that one should pray in his own room, but he didn’t say “always”. Otherwise he wouldn’t thank his Father and bless the loaves and fish in front of a large crowd and distribute them in miraculous superabundance.


Here’s one biting nails for Season 2 come July 14! (As if I have cable TV :P)



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