Magic #3 – Divine omelettes

So if life gives you eggs, make omelettes.

I think, about a week ago, I turned to my new friend Jamie on YouTube to learn how to make those “divine” and “silky” egg-based classic of a dish. Yes, words in quote marks were my friend Jamie’s.

The experiment turned out well! I did as I was instructed. Well, except for the butter part — I only had margarine — but the omelette turned out OK — and silky and divine.

Omelette 1

The fun was mostly in the shaking of the pan and seeing the yellow flattened lump moving loosely because of the laws of physics. And then the tasting.

A few days later, I tried adding ground beef, tomatoes, and onions to the concoction. And this time, with some burning. It turned out OK, too.

Omelette 2

But the thing had too much oil. But it was olive oil — my friend’s favorite — so it’s OK.

Oh yes, pretending to be a chef can be an effective stress reliever.


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