Magic #1 – The illustration-heavy website

And so, after being beaten by procrastination and lack of creative juices (another term for procrastination), my first honest-to-goodness homepage design is finally complete.


It’s for a friend’s business venture. He’s also allying with a newbie to develop the website from scratch, following my design.

This is mostly experimental. The leaf image (multiplied thanks to Photoshop’s amazingness) is my first respectable Adobe Illustrator drawing. Yes. I almost cried with its near-perfect imperfect dichotomy.

And then the images’ white edges (strokes, actually) are among the happiest accidents I’ve ever encountered in a creative pursuit. I was tinkering on the leaves for a long time, almost bored and convinced something was amiss, till the aha moment jolted me to wakefulness and zest.

I’m excited to see this live.


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